Lawyer vs. Legal Department: Which Does Your Business Need?

Choosing the right legal support can allow your business to succeed and reach new heights. You can hire a lawyer on an as-needed basis, keep one on retainer, or build an in-house legal team. Which option is best for you will depend on the type of business, its size and the type and volume of […]

When Contracts Meet Chaos: Legal Considerations for Force Majeure and Beyond

When Contracts Meet Chaos: Legal Considerations for Force Majeure and Beyond

You’ve probably heard of the term “legalese” – used to describe the way a legal document can read like a foreign language to the average person or business owner. This is one of the reasons people hire lawyers to help with business documents, negotiations, and contracts, since going through the nitty-gritty of the details can […]

Key Elements of a Strong Defense in Business Litigation

Key elements of a strong defense in business litigation

With years of experience handling various business litigation cases, I have gained extensive knowledge of how businesses can effectively handle legal disputes relating to other companies, their partners, employees or customers. Mounting a strong legal defense is critical and fundamental when a third party brings accusations or tries to infringe on your rights. In fact, […]

Effective Strategies for Resolving Business Contract Disputes

Effective strategies for resolving business contract disputes

When it comes to contracts, it’s all in the details. Of course, some deals go off effortlessly, and the arrangements could have been a handshake instead of intricate legal paperwork. However, when push comes to shove between two parties, everyone returns to the basics – opening the drawer and dusting off their legally binding agreement. […]

Breach of Contract: Legal Actions and Remedies

Breach of Contract: Legal Actions and Remedies

Some things are better on paper. When we are in a hurry and have to jot down a few notes: paper. When we have time on our hands and want to get lost in our favorite book in hand: paper. When two entities have agreed on a few items in terms of doing business together? […]

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