Michigan’s Right-to-Work Repeal: Impact on Unionized Construction Labor

Michigan’s construction industry is a cornerstone of the state’s economy, spanning commercial, residential, industrial, and infrastructure projects. Despite opposition from the Detroit Regional Chamber and other business groups, Michigan lawmakers voted to repeal the right-to-work law in March 2023, which went into effect in February 2024.  This was a consequence of the Democrats sweep of […]

Trends in Construction Law: Green Building Regulations and Compliance

The construction industry has witnessed significant shifts in recent years, driven by advancements in materials, technology – and evolving societal values. An emphasis on sustainability and resilience has led to the widespread adoption of green building practices and smart technologies, reflecting changing preferences and priorities in the wider market. In response to these changes, construction […]

Addressing Delays and Disruptions in Construction Projects

Addressing Delays _ Disruptions in Construction Projects

In my over 30 years of experience working alongside the construction industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand the predictably unpredictable challenges that construction projects can present. From unforeseen conditions and events to supply snafus and legal or regulatory hurdles, delays and disruptions are almost inevitable. Effectively addressing these issues is paramount to project success and minimizing costly […]

Residential Construction

Residential Construction1

Out-of-date State of Michigan LARA website causing ongoing confusion over whether contractors need to be licensed as residential builders for mixed commercial and residential construction projects. As an attorney and the former Chairperson of the Michigan Residential Builders and Maintenance & Alterations Contractor Board, I am frequently asked whether a contractor on a commercial project […]

Top Legal Challenges Faced by Large Commercial Construction Businesses

Top Legal Challenges Faced by Large Commercial Construction Businesses

I have had the honor and privilege of working on some of the largest and highest-profile construction projects and disputes in the State of Michigan. I represented Northwest Airlines in its three-phase $1.6 billion construction of the McNamara Terminal and related facilities at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, the City of Dearborn’s $400 million plus combined […]

Mitigating Risk in Construction Projects: A Litigation Perspective

Mitigating risk in construction projects: a litigation perspective

Rarely does a movie or television show portray a “normal day” at a construction site. Not including drug empires or mafia meetups (which sometimes happens), there’s bound to be some incident or accident waiting to happen on-site. In reality, it’s not just another day at the office. Real risks and dangers are everywhere, since construction […]

Green Construction: Legal Considerations for Environmentally Friendly Projects

Green construction: Legal considerations for environmentally friendly projects Source

You might have heard that green construction practices have gained momentum. Just to clarify: This doesn’t mean modern structures need to be surrounded and filled with greenery. What is green construction? It is an eco-friendly building approach that focuses on using sustainable materials and practices to minimize environmental impact and promote resource efficiency in development […]

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