Lawyer vs. Legal Department: Which Does Your Business Need?

Choosing the right legal support can allow your business to succeed and reach new heights. You can hire a lawyer on an as-needed basis, keep one on retainer, or build an in-house legal team.

Which option is best for you will depend on the type of business, its size and the type and volume of legal services you expect to need.

Retaining a Lawyer’s Perspective

A lawyer working independently from your business often offers unique advantages. Solo practitioners or small law firms are more likely to provide direct access to and personalized attention from an attorney, fostering stronger client relationships and tailored legal strategies.

They may also have deep expertise in specific areas, offering more focused and nuanced advice. Their ability to make quick decisions and adapt to changes provides flexibility and responsiveness that can be invaluable.

It is also advantageous to put some distance between the lawyer and the client.  This is particularly true in litigation, where it is advantageous to have outside counsel who has expertise in this area.

The Legal Department Advantage

In-house legal departments bring a team of professionals with diverse expertise, including paralegals, legal assistants and compliance specialists, handling complex legal matters comprehensively and efficiently.

They benefit from extensive resources, such as research tools, databases, and institutional knowledge, enabling thorough and precise management of legal issues. Economies of scale and standardized processes allow for cost-effective legal management and ensure organization-wide compliance.

Combining Strengths

Sometimes, combining the personalized attention of an outside lawyer with the comprehensive support of a legal department provides the best of both worlds. This hybrid approach can yield optimal outcomes, depending on the legal issue, client preferences, and available resources.

For tailored legal guidance and support in the commercial litigation space, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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