Ensuring Peace of Mind: Legal Strategies for Maximizing Insurance Benefits

There’s a lot of truth to this old adage: “You can’t put a price on peace of mind – but insurance comes pretty close!”  I love insurance.  I am a licensed insurance agent and a lawyer.  Insurance is a necessary part of the oil that keeps our economic and legal engine operating.

Insurance coverage kicks in when the unexpected happens, giving financial protection and helping manage risks, whether that’s for your personal property, your health, your life, or your business.

Commercial insurance ensures the smooth continuity of business operations, safeguards valuable assets and IP, and promotes the overall well-being of an organization and its owners. It’s a reassuring buffer, offering liability protection and a practical means to navigate life’s uncertainties.

Unfortunately, insurance options and processes can be murky and poorly understood, leading to improper coverage and missed or denied claims. At August Law, we’re here to help unravel the complexities for you, secure the right policies, and advocate for your benefits.

There are three main advantages to having my team on your side in these matters:

  1. Comprehensive coverage analysis

    Based on our training, decades of legal practice, and our license in personal lines and property and casualty insurance, we bring an artful understanding of insurance policies. We meticulously analyze your coverage, considering all relevant statutes, regulations, and industry customs. This comprehensive approach ensures that no potential benefits are overlooked.

  2. Expert litigation strategies

    With years of expertise in litigating insurance coverage matters, we don’t just interpret contracts; we develop expert litigation strategies. Whether representing insurers or insureds, we navigate the legal landscape to secure the benefits you deserve.

  3. Top-level Industry insight

    As lead attorney and also a licensed insurance producer and solicitor, my dual expertise allows me to guide our team on almost any aspect of the insurance industry, ensuring that our clients’ decisions are well-informed and strategic.

If you’re wondering about the best way to secure your benefits and make the most of your insurance, contact us. We can help you navigate the intricate world of benefits and insurance policies, making the choices that will best serve you.


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