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Are we the right lawyers for you? Are we the right lawyers for you? - August Law Are we the right lawyers for you? - August Law

Do you want to win your case for a reasonable fee?

We win cases, and we do so at the right cost. Our track record for winning speaks for itself. We have the flexibility to tailor a fee structure based on the circumstances of the client and the matter. This includes many kinds of fee structures, including hourly, contingent, hourly/contingent blend, monthly retainer, flat fee, and payment plans. We are not cookie-cutter lawyers, and we do not have cookie-cutter fee structures. We work with our clients to achieve the best results at reasonable rates.

Do you want experienced litigators?

We have been doing what we are doing for decades. We have handled some of the largest and most publicized matters in the State of Michigan. We like to say, “if we can handle a $1.6 billion airport project, we can litigate your failed parking lot.” We are well known throughout the State of Michigan, and even nationally. There is little we have not seen. We bring that experience to bear for our clients.

Do you want to be treated in an appropriate and ethical manner?

We are there for our clients. We understand that litigation and business disputes are stressful. While we certainly do not claim to be psychologists, we understand that there is more to practicing law than just winning the case. We are attorneys and counselors, and we take the “counselors” part as seriously as the “attorneys” part. We take the time to communicate effectively with our clients without being arrogant or condescending. The litigation or negotiation process can be confusing, foreign, and frustrating for our clients. We take the time to explain everything and answer all questions. We discuss all options, and we make strategic decisions together. Our clients are our partners in achieving results and winning matters. Above all, we act ethically. At the end of the day, it is as important for our clients to feel that while their attorneys are tough and aggressive in a courtroom, they are ethical in all their interactions.

Do you want smart lawyers that are legal strategists?

Your lawyer must understand your problem and figure out the best way to solve it. As simple as this sounds, most lawyers (especially litigators) cannot do this. Most litigators are hammers, and every case they see is a nail. They send punishing discovery, file unnecessary motions, take countless depositions, force countless court hearings, and then ultimately settle the case cheaply because they are afraid to go to trial. We take the opposite view. We bring our intelligence and creative problem-solving to your matter. We are legal strategists. We spend our time upfront, understanding in detail your problem and thinking of the end game on day one. Our track record is one of outsmarting the other side by being more intelligent, with greater experience and better preparation. Our educational backgrounds and academic awards evidence our intelligence, and we use those smarts to win for our clients. And no, we are not afraid to ultimately try cases if necessary. In fact, we live for it.

If you answered any of these questions “yes,” then contact us.

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